Head Over Heels


Really? Is my favorite film about relationships animated, wordless and only 10 minutes long? I think so.

The animator, Timothy Reckart, made the short two years ago while a graduate student in film school. It debuted at the Cannes Film Festival and has since been nominated for awards around the world including an Oscar. This year he made the full film available for viewing online.


This short, beautifully done film uses stop motion animation to show the ups and downs of long term relationships. Take a few minutes and check it out here. I bet you’ll be surprised how poignant and touching an animated short can be.


What to Do When Bored at Work


Hey cubicle dwellers. When that blue gray carpet-stuff covering your office-cage starts closing in on you and you need to take a little break without leaving your desk, have no fear. Google Feud is here.

Some genius out there had the very bright idea to marry two of our favorite things: Family Feud and Google searching. The idea is simple, after choosing a category, you get to guess how google would autocomplete a certain query. As on Family Feud, you get higher points for the most popular answers and 3 strikes before your out.

Hilarity and aha moments ensue. For instance, i discovered that there are people out there in the world who want to know if they can perform their own circumcision, liposuction, and even labiaplasty- say what? Give it a shot and thank me later.