what to do when bored at work

hey cubicle dwellers. when that blue gray carpet-stuff covering your office-cage starts closing in on you and you need to take a little break without leaving your desk, have no fear. Google Feud is here.

some genius out there had the very bright idea to marry two of our favorite things: Family Feud and Google searching. the idea is simple, after choosing a category, you get to guess how google would autocomplete a certain query. as on Family Feud, you get higher points for the most popular answers and 3 strikes before your out.

hilarity and aha moments ensue. for instance, i discovered that there are people out there in the world who want to know if they can perform there own circumcision, liposuction, and even labiaplasty- say what? give it a shot and thank me later.



well would you look at that. i mean…i’m practically a web designer now. lol.

i even made tags and added a tag cloud to the sidebar! mind. blown.


and you know this…man!

random mandom

lets try out a post. here are some cute guys.


do you know this guy? i do! it’s kendrick lamar. negus we gon be alright.

ok, lets see. how about….


oh yeah. how you like them apples.

i guess that’s enough. let’s see how this is looking!